07.06.10 Client News

Appleton Coated’s research reveals five new I’s in ROI

How does effective print impact consumer purchases? To answer this question, Appleton Coated commissioned a proprietary research study of more than 1,000 high-end, high-minded consumers. The company shares its findings in a new publication, appropriately-titled, “ROI.” Beyond a positive Return On Investment, “ROI” reveals five new I’s in ROI: Inspiration, Impact, Interaction, Involvement and Integration.

“People who buy premium brands like premium print. They use it. They keep it. They buy the products that they see in it,” says Phil Cavalier, vice president of marketing at Appleton Coated. “We know that purposeful, creative print delivers a positive ROI. We learned that there are other returns to consider, such as the return on inspiration or on impact. These also have real value, promote quality, generate trust and create strong brand connections.”

Appleton Coated’s “ROI” research was conducted by Yankelovich, a part of The Futures Company. Among those surveyed:
* 88% of all ages report that they enjoy receiving catalogs and brochures from the company and brands with which they do business.
* 83% say, “What I like about print is that I can keep it for future reference.”
* 79% feel, “It’s important that the catalogs I receive be printed in an environmentally responsible way.”
* 75% of consumers visited a website to purchase a product or service after reading about it in a catalog.
Some of the most surprising revelations in the findings were the responses from “the Internet Generation” – those 18- to 34-year-olds, often perceived as having abandoned print for online. 71% share that “I like to read or look through high-end catalogs.”

When asked, “What makes good print materials stand out from the rest?” the top, unaided responses included:
1. They are attractive. They look beautiful.
2. They have beautiful photography.
3. They use high-quality paper.
4. They have vivid colors.
5. Their messages are simple and to the point.

Reflecting the lessons learned for creating effective print materials, “ROI” was designed by The Thorburn Group in Minneapolis and features images by Anna Wolf. The piece was printed using Appleton Coated’s SKIN Curious Collection Black cover weight and U1X:Green Gloss, Silk, and Matte for the interior pages. Part of the Utopia brand of premium, coated papers, U1X: Green is manufactured with electricity in the form of renewable energy and contains 20% post-consumer recovered fiber. Utopia’s six product offerings are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and available with other green attributes.

To request a copy of “ROI,” please call 800-663-1813 or contact a local sales representative.


06.29.10 Client News

Appleton Coated challenges designers to a throwdown on U2 – “The Battle of the Finishes”
Must-have reference tool for successful paper selection

Much like adding an extra flourish to a food presentation, Appleton Coated’s “U2 Throwdown – Battle of the Finishes” demonstrates the attributes that make each finish ideal for certain types of imagery and printing applications. Showcasing the best finish for the job, Utopia Two (U2) and U2:XG Gloss, Dull, Matte, and new U2:XG Ivory Matte are featured along with the other finishes in a head-to-head comparison. In addition, a demonstration of how gloss and dull varnish, and gloss and satin aqueous coating, further affects the print outcome is included.

Encouraging audience participation, “U2 Throwdown – Battle of the Finishes” features customer “throwdowns” on the most delicious cupcakes, pizzas, and other culinary goodness throughout the country. Submissions are welcome!

06.15.10 Event News

Hamilton Wood Type announces Wayzgoose presenters and panelists, release of Matthew Carter’s typeface, 130th anniversary open house, workshop with Brad Vetter from Hatch, and more

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum presents a full calendar of activities, including the second annual Wayzgoose conference on Nov. 5-7. Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print will be the Wayzgoose’s featured presenter.

Wayzgoose traditionally was a dinner given by an apprentice to fellow workers at which the goose was the principal dish. Reflecting this spirit of camaraderie and welcoming a wider range of participants to the winter event, Hamilton Wood Type’s staff and Sherraden will be joined by David Shields of University of Texas-Austin, Nick Sherman of The Woodtyper, and Paul Gehl of the Newberry Library. The Gutenberg Museum and Tipoteca Italiana also will lead a roundtable discussion at Wayzgoose on the subject of preservation through education in letterpress.

Matthew Carter’s “Carter Latin Typeface,” designed for Hamilton Wood Type, was introduced at the 2009 Wayzgoose. The typeface was re-named in honor of Jim Van Lanen, Sr., founder of the printing museum. A digital version of “Van Lanen Latin” is available exclusively from Hamilton Wood Type through 2013.

Celebrating its 130th Anniversary of preserving, studying, producing and printing wood type, Hamilton Wood Type will host an Open House on July 3. In addition to showcasing the “Van Lanen Latin Typeface,” examples of the new Lushootseed alphabet wood font will be displayed.

Lushootseed is an endangered Native American language. Seattle-based designer Juliet Shen designed a digital font for the Tulalip Tribes and is working with Hamilton Wood Type to preserve the Lushootseed alphabet and language. Tulalip tribal schools in Washington state plan to incorporate the wood type and letterpress printing into future classroom activities.

In August, Brad Vetter of Hatch Show Print will conduct a special letterpress workshop at Hamilton Wood Type. The museum offers more than a dozen printing workshops throughout the year.

To register for these and other upcoming events, please contact Jim Moran, museum director, at 920-794-6272, jim.moran@woodtype.org, or visit http://www.woodtype.org.

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum’s upcoming activities and events include:

Matthew Carter’s “Van Lanen Latin”
Through 2013
$50.00 for a single user

Matthew Carter’s first typeface designed specifically for wood now is offered in a digital version, exclusively available from Hamilton Wood Type through 2013. “Van Lanen Latin,” named in honor of Jim Van Lanen, Sr., founder of the printing museum, was unveiled at Hamilton Wood Type’s 2009 Wayzgoose.

Look for the June feature article in Eye magazine.

Typeface DVD + Poster
$29.95 pre-order price + $4.00 shipping & handling

Kartemquin Film’s documentary film, “Typeface,” showcases the successes and challenges of Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. Directed by Justin Nagan, the one-hour documentary film is being screened around the world and now, can be purchased for individual viewing on the small screen.

Along with extra scenes, the first 1,000 DVD copies include a limited-edition poster, designed by Hamilton Wood Type’s artistic director, Bill Moran, and printed at the museum in Two Rivers, Wis.

Girls of the Globe Pin-Up Calendar Collection Continues
Through December
$50.00 for each limited edition print

Hamilton Wood Type begins printing the second-half of the year’s “Girls of the Globe.” Each month, a lovely lady from the Globe Printing plate collection is featured and her calendar page is available for sale at the Etsy store. Previous pin-ups will remain available as long as supplies last. Other limited edition prints are offered at the Etsy story and directly through Hamilton Wood Type.

Pre-Wayzgoose Workshop for Educators
November 3-4, Workshop
July 1, early bird registration
registration closes October 15 or as soon as capacity is confirmed
$125 registration fee before July 1
$150 registration fee after July 1
hotel accommodations can be made at the Lighthouse Inn

Encouraging the study and instruction of wood type and letterpress printing, Hamilton Wood Type has added a pre-conference workshop especially for educators. Representatives from the Gutenberg Museum and Tipoteca Italiana will lead and contribute to the discussions. Other participants and attendees will include professors from the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin. Watch for details.

Second Annual Wayzgoose Conference
November 5-7, Conference
July 1, early bird registration
registration closes as soon as capacity is confirmed
$125 registration fee before July 1
$150 registration fee after July 1
hotel accommodations can be made at the Lighthouse Inn

Featured activities will include:
* A presentation by Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print
* Additional presentations by David Shields of University of Texas-Austin, Nick Sherman of The Woodtyper, and Paul Gehl of the Newberry Library
* Roundtable discussion with representatives from the Gutenberg Museum and Tipoteca Italiana
* An open house and tour of the museum
* An on-site sale of limited-edition posters
* Hands-on workshops
Watch for details.

130th Anniversary Open House
July 3, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Celebrating its 130 years of preserving, studying, producing and printing wood type, Hamilton Wood Type welcomes museum volunteers, Hamilton retirees and friends of the museum. There will be type cutting demonstrations and tours throughout the day. Samples of “Van Lanen Latin” and the new Lushootseed alphabet wood font will be displayed.

Watch for details.

Lushootseed Wood Font

As the new academic year starts, Hamilton Wood Type will deliver the first-ever Lushootseed wood font to the Tulalip tribal schools in Washington state. Native Americans living in the area are attempting to restore this 500-year-old language to everyday use and to preserve the phonetic alphabet that was created in the 1960s.

Using a digital alphabet drawn Seattle-based designer Juliet Shen, Hamilton Wood Type cut a new wood font of the Lushootseed alphabet. Hamilton also is creating a series of instructional posters and providing tabletop letterpress printing equipment. This will allow the students to experience and “manipulate” the letterforms of their language.

Letterpress with Brad Vetter of Hatch Show Print
August 21, Workshop
July 29, registration due
registration closes as soon as capacity is confirmed
$125 registration and supplies fee
hotel accommodations can be made at the Lighthouse Inn

Originally from Louisville, Ky., Brad Vetter has spent the last five years designing and printing letterpress work at the legendary Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tenn.

Hatch Show Print is one of the oldest continually operating letterpress shops in the country, established in 1879. Known for their iconic posters, Hatch uses their archive of wood (mostly from Hamilton) and lead type, along with images carved out of wood and linoleum to create more than 500 jobs a year. Vetter’s fresh take to letterpress and the 131-year-old archive allows him to create hip and aesthetically appropriate designs for the clients such as Anthropologie, Bike Magazine, Neko Case, Rebel Wine Co. and Wilco.

This autumn weekend workshop will be limited to 15 participants who will work side-by-side with one of the world’s premier letterpress printers and designers. Previous printing experience is helpful buy not required.

Other activities and events featuring Hamilton Wood Type’s leaders and volunteers include:

“Typeface” The Movie
July 3, Trondheim – Norway premiere
July 6, Nickelodeon Theatre in Columbia, S.C. –South Carolina premiere

Kartemquin Film’s “Typeface” documentary showcases the successes and challenges facing Hamilton Wood Type. Directed by Justin Nagan, the one-hour film is being shown throughout the year and throughout the world.

Representatives from Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum occasionally join the filmmakers for panel discussion. Limited-edition posters, designed by Purdue University’s Dennis Ichiyama, were printed at Hamilton and are available for sale through Kartemquin’s “Typeface” online store.

Bill Moran at The Gutenberg Museum
Through September 30
Exhibition at the Druckladen: Letterbugs and Other Insects

Hamilton Wood Type’s artistic director, Bill Moran, traveled to one of the oldest museums of printing in the world – The Gutenberg Museum in Germany. As a featured guest of the museum, Moran conducted printmaking and wood type workshops, developed his children’s book featuring his typographic insects, and exhibited posters of his “big type bugs.”

About Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum
Hamilton Wood Type began producing type in 1880 and within 20 years became the largest provider in the United States. Today, volunteers of the Two Rivers Historical Society preserve this legacy and host educational demonstrations, field trips, workshops and offer opportunities with this vast wood type collection. The museum also illustrates antique printing technologies including the production of hot metal type, hand-operated printing presses, tools of the craft and rare type specimen catalogs.

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is located at 1619 Jefferson St., Two Rivers, WI 54241. In addition to the special events, the museum is open from May to October, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. Those planning to visit during these normal hours of operation are encouraged to call ahead, 920-794-6272.

Follow Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum
on Twitter at @hamiltonwoodtyp
on Facebook

06.14.10 Client News

“Print With Purpose” shares compelling statistics on the result-generating power of creative, printed communications

Print With Purpose” defines the role of print in the rapidly-evolving marketing landscape and demonstrates its positive impact on the bottom line. This resource from Appleton Coated is designed to provide insight and inspiration to decision-makers involved in

"Timeless. Important. Engaging."

choosing print, and to all who play a role in its creation and execution. Powerful statistics and supporting commentary explain how printed communication drives action and delivers results.

Appleton Coated compiled this data-rich content based on discussions with direct marketing professionals, industry thought-leaders and the most current industry research. “We’ve found print’s role in the marketing mix is as vital as ever,” says Phil Cavalier, vice president of marketing at Appleton Coated.

She continues, “Print’s engaging, tactile, and interactive qualities create a personal connection, and through this emotional association, brands are built. It is portable and influential. It’s the preferred format for senior executives for gaining insightful, informative analysis. Across all audiences, print ignites action online, sparks interest and trial, and leads to sales, response and loyalty.”

Print With Purpose

“Print With Purpose” succinctly describes these traits, backs up the observations with facts and figures, and presents the information in a stop-you-in-your-tracks visual package. To further assist the reader, “Print With Purpose” contains a checklist on strategy and execution for purposefully printed communication.

Designed by The Thorburn Group in Minneapolis, it features images by Minnesota-based photographer Ben McKean and photo stylist Maureen Burns. The Hennegan Company of Florence, Ky., printed the piece using Appleton Coated’s extra bright U1X:Green cover and text papers. The techniques described in the page-by-page production notes in “Print With Purpose” detail how the richly saturated photos and the bold solids maximized each finish in the U1X:Green family.

U1X:Green is part of the Utopia family of coated printing papers. A Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified product, it is manufactured with 20% post-consumer recovered fiber and with Green Power, electricity in the form of renewable energy. Available in gloss, silk, and matte finishes and up to 120 lb. cover, U1X:Green may be specified in traditional folio or digital sizes and web applications. The Utopia Express Custom Size Sheet Program allows U1X:Green customers to save time, money, and resources with ‘two-days to ship’ service on custom-size sheets.

To request a copy of “Print With Purpose,” please visit AppletonCoated.com. Watch for additional information from Appleton Coated on how purposeful, creative print delivers a positive Return on Investment.

06.09.10 Client News

The new Utopia Swatchbook showcases all six Utopia lines by grade level and environmental attributes
New design helps customers choose the “perfect pairing” of paper and project

Appleton Coated’s new Utopia Swatchbook organizes its six distinctive lines of paper by grade level and environmental attributes — all under the theme of “the perfect pairing.” With the cover featuring a bee and daisy, the inside imagery reflects other traditional “pairings.” The six Utopia product lines reflect their personalities, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and various shades of “green.” Options range from certified, virgin fiber products to certified fiber products manufactured with up to 30% post-consumer fiber (PCW). All of Appleton Coated’s Utopia products are either offered with Green Power as standard or with the ability to add it to the order.

Within the new swatch, a comprehensive “Print Demo” presents selections to help creative professionals, corporate specifiers, and printers select the best paper option and techniques for smart, sustainable print projects. A mini environmental tutorial also answers questions about green design goals, such as how to properly credit the paper’s environmental benefits and savings. Online, the “Utopia Green Zone,” offers an easy, interactive format to compare up to four product choices and calculate the environmental savings.

The Utopia Swatchbook contains samples of every basis weight, shade and finish, and stocking information for each paper option:

* Utopia Premium in Gloss, Silk and Ivory Silk — This triple-coated, super-smooth sheet optimizes the printing surface for heavy ink coverage. Utopia Premium is an FSC-certified, virgin fiber product.

* Utopia One (U1) in Gloss, Dull and Matte — This soft blue-white shade with high paper gloss and surface smoothness provides a clean, neutral backdrop that is ideal for flesh tones and warm color palettes. U1 is a visual shade match to Utopia Premium, for convenient pairing. This FSC-certified paper contains a minimum of 10% PCW.

* U1X:Green in Gloss, Silk, and Matte — The extra-bright, extra-blue shade maximizes the contrast between printed and non-printed areas to make images seem to pop off the page. U1X:Green is FSC-certified, manufactured with Green Power, and contains a minimum of 20% PCW.

* Utopia Two (U2) in Gloss, Dull, and Matte — Offering excellent value in a clean, blue-white shade, U2 takes projects from cut-size to super-size sheets, and to high-quantity web runs. Both web and sheets contain a minimum of 10% PCW. U2 sheets are FSC-certified.

* U2:XG in Gloss, Dull, Matte, and Ivory Matte — FSC-certified, this “extra” environmentally-sensitive sheet contains 30% PCW and is manufactured with Green Power. The pleasing blue-white shade of U2:XG easily mixes and matches with standard U2 to meet the diverse needs of a multi-project campaign.

* Utopia Three (U3) in Matte — The softly-textured sheet is a popular choice for budget-conscious, high-volume, and direct mail applications. An FSC-certified, virgin fiber product, U3 can be specified with up to 30% PCW.

Designed by The Thorburn Group of Minneapolis, the new Utopia Swatchbook includes lushly detailed, colorful images by photographer Ben McKean. To request the new Utopia Swatchbook, please visit UtopiaPaper.com and click on “Order Samples.”


06.06.10 Client News

Appleton Coated calls for entries in U360 Competition

Appleton Coated now is accepting entries to the U360 Design Competition for 2011. Winning selections will recognize the effective, creative role that print communication plays in marketing mix.

“As the name suggests, ‘360’ reflects an ‘all around’ assessment. From idea definition to creative expression and purposeful execution — U360 will honor the beginning, middle and end of the design process,” says Phil Cavalier, vice president of marketing at Appleton Coated. “Entries will be judged by a panel of design experts in strategy, design, and print production, providing a full-circle view on what makes great print.”

There is no cost to enter. Submissions must be printed all, or in part, on Utopia and/or Curious Collection, accompanied by a completed entry form, produced in 2010, and postmarked no later than Dec. 10, 2010. For detailed instructions on the U360 Competition and an online entry form, please visit www.utopiapaper.com’s U360 section.

The 2011 winners will be announced next Spring and featured in a showbook distributed throughout North America, on the Appleton Coated website and in other marketing communications

06.04.10 Client News

Appleton Coated names winners in U360 Competition

Appleton Coated announces the winning entries to the U360 Competition for 2010, which are printed all, or in part, on Utopia and/or Curious Collection papers. An online gallery of winners can be found at www.utopiapaper.com, in the U360 section.

“These selections recognize the effective, creative role that print communication plays in marketing mix,” says Phil Cavalier, vice president of marketing at Appleton Coated. “As the name suggests, ‘360’ reflects an ‘all around’ assessment — from concept and writing, imagery and design, and finally, quality of print and bindery execution.”

Special honors are awarded for:
* Best of Show — “37 or So Ingredients” for Dwight Eschliman; designed by Tar Studio, San Francisco; printed by Paragraphics, San Rafael, Calif.
* Design Excellence Award & Print Excellence Award — “JWT TicToc – A Collection of JWT Work;” designed by JWT, New York and The Map Office, New York; printed by Diversified Graphics, a Bolger Company, Minneapolis
* Communication Excellence Award — “Iconologic Self Promotion;” designed by Iconologic, Atlanta; printed by Elanders USA, Acworth, Ga.

The 2010 winning entries are:
* “The Parsons Fashion Design Look Book;” designed by Parsons The New School For Design, New York; printed by Van Lanen Inc., Green Bay, Wis.
* “Madewell Fall 2009 Look Book;” designed by Madewell, New York; printed by Datagraphic, Hempstead, N.Y.
* “Nick Cave: Meet Me at the Center of the Earth;” designed by Faust Associates, Riverside, Ill.; printed by Graphic Arts Studio Inc., Lake Barrington, Ill.
* “Museum of Arts and Design Collections Handbook;” designed by Pentagram Design Inc., New York; printed by Finlay Printing, Bloomfield, Conn.
* “Jordan Yellow Look Book;” designed by Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, Inc., Beaverton, Ore.; printed by Premier Press, Portland, Ore.
* “Concord Music-Creedence Clearwater Revival: The Singles Collection” for Rare Cool Stuff; designed by Geoff Gans, Los Angeles; printed by Primary Color, El Segundo, Calif.
* “Timberland Boot Company Brochure;” designed by Timberland, Stratham, N.H.; printed by UniGraphic, Woburn, Mass.
* “Barbara Barry Catalog;” designed by Pilot, Palisades, N.Y.; printed by GLS, St. Paul, Minn.
*  “Reach” for Kevin White; designed by The Steinhauser Group, Minneapolis; printed by The John Roberts Company, Coon Rapids, Minn.
* “Minotaur Limited Edition” for the Pixies; designed by V23; printed by DV8, Los Angeles

Entries receiving regional recognition include:
* Midwest — “Jaume Plensa Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park;” designed by Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, Mich.; printed by Foremost Graphics, Grand Rapids Mich.
* West — “Diamond Foods Inc. 2009 Annual Report;” designed by Curran & Connors, San Bruno, Calif.; printed by Color Graphics, San Francisco
* South Central — “Miami University Middletown 2008/2009 Annual Review;” designed by Miami University Middletown, Middletown, Ohio; printed by Mound Printing, Miamisburg, Ohio
* Northeast — “Timberland Men’s/Women’s Company Brochure;” designed by Timberland, Stratham, N.H.; printed by UniGraphic, Woburn, Mass.

The U360 Competition was judged in January 2010 by members of the Appleton Coated Design Council:
* Justin Ahrens, principal of Rule29 in Geneva, Ill.;
* Lynda Decker, owner and principal of Decker Design Inc. in New York;
* David Kohler, owner and executive creative director of OTTO in New York;
* Bill Thorburn, founding principal of The Thorburn Group in Minneapolis;
* Kathleen Turaski, co-founder and principal of Resonance Marketing in Decatur, Ga.; and
* Bryan Peterson, owner and principal of Peterson Ray & Company in Dallas.
Lori Carrabba, print production professional in Peapack, N.J., (former executive vice president of Ogilvy HealthWorld in New York) joined the judging process to focus on the award for best in print execution. A photo gallery of the judging can be viewed by clicking here.

For more information about the U360 Competition, Utopia and Curious Collection, visit http://www.appletoncoated.com and http://www.curiouspapers.com.