06.09.10 Client News

The new Utopia Swatchbook showcases all six Utopia lines by grade level and environmental attributes
New design helps customers choose the “perfect pairing” of paper and project

Appleton Coated’s new Utopia Swatchbook organizes its six distinctive lines of paper by grade level and environmental attributes — all under the theme of “the perfect pairing.” With the cover featuring a bee and daisy, the inside imagery reflects other traditional “pairings.” The six Utopia product lines reflect their personalities, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and various shades of “green.” Options range from certified, virgin fiber products to certified fiber products manufactured with up to 30% post-consumer fiber (PCW). All of Appleton Coated’s Utopia products are either offered with Green Power as standard or with the ability to add it to the order.

Within the new swatch, a comprehensive “Print Demo” presents selections to help creative professionals, corporate specifiers, and printers select the best paper option and techniques for smart, sustainable print projects. A mini environmental tutorial also answers questions about green design goals, such as how to properly credit the paper’s environmental benefits and savings. Online, the “Utopia Green Zone,” offers an easy, interactive format to compare up to four product choices and calculate the environmental savings.

The Utopia Swatchbook contains samples of every basis weight, shade and finish, and stocking information for each paper option:

* Utopia Premium in Gloss, Silk and Ivory Silk — This triple-coated, super-smooth sheet optimizes the printing surface for heavy ink coverage. Utopia Premium is an FSC-certified, virgin fiber product.

* Utopia One (U1) in Gloss, Dull and Matte — This soft blue-white shade with high paper gloss and surface smoothness provides a clean, neutral backdrop that is ideal for flesh tones and warm color palettes. U1 is a visual shade match to Utopia Premium, for convenient pairing. This FSC-certified paper contains a minimum of 10% PCW.

* U1X:Green in Gloss, Silk, and Matte — The extra-bright, extra-blue shade maximizes the contrast between printed and non-printed areas to make images seem to pop off the page. U1X:Green is FSC-certified, manufactured with Green Power, and contains a minimum of 20% PCW.

* Utopia Two (U2) in Gloss, Dull, and Matte — Offering excellent value in a clean, blue-white shade, U2 takes projects from cut-size to super-size sheets, and to high-quantity web runs. Both web and sheets contain a minimum of 10% PCW. U2 sheets are FSC-certified.

* U2:XG in Gloss, Dull, Matte, and Ivory Matte — FSC-certified, this “extra” environmentally-sensitive sheet contains 30% PCW and is manufactured with Green Power. The pleasing blue-white shade of U2:XG easily mixes and matches with standard U2 to meet the diverse needs of a multi-project campaign.

* Utopia Three (U3) in Matte — The softly-textured sheet is a popular choice for budget-conscious, high-volume, and direct mail applications. An FSC-certified, virgin fiber product, U3 can be specified with up to 30% PCW.

Designed by The Thorburn Group of Minneapolis, the new Utopia Swatchbook includes lushly detailed, colorful images by photographer Ben McKean. To request the new Utopia Swatchbook, please visit UtopiaPaper.com and click on “Order Samples.”



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