06.22.10 Client News

Kolbe’s Lance Premeau certified as LEED Green Associate

Lance Premeau, Kolbe‘s product and market analyst, successfully passed the U.S. Green Building Council‘s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design® (LEED) Green Associate Certification. The achievement is part of the company’s ongoing initiative to support and educate customers’ green design and building projects.

Professional certification for LEED unites leaders from across the building industry who promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work. Introduced in 2009, the new LEED Green Associate credential demonstrates comprehensive, general knowledge in green building and LEED. It distinguishes individuals that support, but may not directly apply, green building in their regular professional work. This credential also is a prerequisite to pursue the next tier of accreditation, LEED Professional with Specialty.

Premeau adds his status as a LEED Green Associate to his 18 years of experience in contributing to commercial and residential applications. In his daily work, Premeau is involved with Kolbe’s green strategies through printed materials, online content, training seminars, market and industry research, as well as presentations.

As an example, Premeau helps architects gain sustainable design knowledge and learning units through American Institute of Architects’ continuing education seminars (AIA/CES). Kolbe most recently began offering “Sustainable and Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: Contribution to Green Buildings,” a one-hour, in-person AIA/CES course.

A full news release and portrait are available in Kolbe’s online press room.


06.12.10 Client News

Kolbe participates in the DOE’s Volume Purchase Program, promotes energy-efficient R-5 windows

Kolbe is an inaugural participant of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Volume Purchase Program (VPP) promoting energy-efficient R-5 windows. Windows with an R-5 value (or a U-factor of 0.2) represent the industry’s top tier of energy-efficient windows. The VPP allows window companies that have qualifying products to promote products through the designated website.

Builders visiting the DOE’s VPP website may select a size range with its associated cost range. After the size is chosen, a list of links to qualified manufacturers will appear. At this time, when users may click on Kolbe and the link will take them to the Kolbe website’s “where to buy” section. Entering a zip code enables visitors to receive contact information for distributors in their region.

The Kolbe Windquest® EP Series are among the products available on the DOE’s VPP website. These low-maintenance, long-lasting casement and studio windows exceed 2010 ENERGY STAR® criteria for all U.S. climate zones. A 1-1/4-inch, triple-glazed system helps these products achieve the required energy performance ratings needed to be part of the VPP.

A full news release and other information are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

05.26.10 Client News

Kolbe announces Promotion of Business Leaders

Mike Salsieder, president of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork, recently announced the promotion of four individuals to new leadership roles. These individuals will be responsible for their respective areas within Kolbe, including the Manawa operation and Point Five Windows and Doors.

Jeff De Lonay

Jeff De Lonay has been promoted to executive vice president. He recently held the position of vice president of operations and has more than 25 years experience with the company. He has worked in and managed numerous departments within Kolbe including: manufacturing, customer service, estimating, training, field service, engineering, research and development, production processing, and purchasing. In De Lonay’s new role, he will oversee the operations of all facilities and business disciplines along with responsibility as president of Point Five Windows and Doors.

Cindy Bremer has been promoted to vice president of marketing. She has more than 23 years marketing and sales experience in the window and door industry in both residential and commercial construction. Her vast knowledge of the architectural market, creative development of architectural tools, customer relationships, and business savvy set her apart. Bremer has held the position of director of marketing at Kolbe for five years and prior to that worked for other manufactures of windows and doors in Central Wisconsin.

Ann Micholic has been promoted to vice president of human resources. Micholic’s 13 years in human resources and training along with her strong leadership skills and business knowledge lend itself to this key position within the executive team. During Micholic’s tenure, she has worked as human resources generalist, training manager, and director of human resources.

Hank Hosler has been promoted to vice president of information technology. In his 15 years as an IT professional, Hosler has been a part of the leadership of several make-to-order manufacturers that have worked to continuously improve their operations. He joined Kolbe in late 2004 as director of information technology. Hosler’s business acumen has helped set the direction for implementing a state-of-the-art quoting system, which reinforces Kolbe’s “Easy to do Business With” initiative. Hosler will continue to lead Kolbe’s IT strategy across all business units.

A portrait of Jeff De Lonay and a Word document of the full news release are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

05.16.10 Client News

“Sustainable and Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: Contribution to Green Buildings” AIA/CES presented by Kolbe

Kolbe helps architects gain sustainable design knowledge and learning units (LUs) through American Institute of Architects’ continuing education seminars (AIA/CES). Its new presentation, “Sustainable and Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: Contribution to Green Buildings,” is a one-hour, in-person course.

“Sustainable and Energy Efficient Windows & Doors: Contribution to Green Buildings” explains:
* How quality windows and doors can contribute to sustainable green design due to their durability and energy-efficient technology.
* What the different “Green Building” voluntary ratings systems are and how they affect the selection of windows and doors.
* How selecting the right windows and doors contributes to environmental stewardship.
* What the advantages and benefits of “Green Building” are to the environment, economy, health, and community.

Architects who successfully complete this course receive one AIA/CES Learning Unit (1.0 LU). In addition, this course qualifies for one health, safety and welfare (1 HSW) credit and one sustainable design (1 SD) credit, which will be recorded with the AIA. To request a presentation, please visit Kolbe’s website, http://www.kolbe-kolbe.com.

Kolbe’s site links to a free, AIA/CES program download for “Finishing Touches – Enhancements, Options & Trends for Windows and Doors” (1.0 LU, 1 HSW). Also known as “Current Trends in Windows and Doors,” it is available through ArchitectMagazine.com and residentialarchitect.com.

Kolbe also offers many other, face-to-face AIA/CES programs and tours, such as:
1. Advances in Glass without Tour (1.0 LU, 1 HSW)
2. Energy Efficiency in Windows (1.0 LU, 1 HSW)
3. Determining Design Pressures (1.5 LUs, 1 HSW)
4. Finishing Touches – Enhancements, Options & Trend for Windows and Doors (1.0 LU, 1 HSW)
5. Historical Applications (1.0 LU, 1 HSW)
6. “Architectural Influences: Exploring Elements of Sustainable Design” (8.5 LUs, 2 HSW credits, and 1 SD). Tours in this 1.5-day event are limited to groups of 10 or less, by appointment.

Kolbe’s “Architectural Influences: Exploring Elements of Sustainable Design” in Wisconsin includes:
* Tour of Taliesin® in Spring Green, Wis. – visit the famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s home, private studio, and the campus of The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture
* Tour of Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, Wis. – explore one of the two, highest-ranking LEED® buildings in North America
* Tour of Cardinal Float Glass Plant in Portage, Wis. – watch the process of sand, limestone and other materials as they become glass for windows and doors
* Tour of Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork in Wausau, Wis. – follow the process of custom window and door manufacturing
* Presentation of “Finishing Touches: Enhancements, Options & Trends for Windows and Doors”
* Review of Kolbe’s product series and how they can meet the needs of nearly any project

A Word document of the full news release are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

Kolbe will be exhibiting at AIA Expo2010 in booth #1803

05.11.10 Client News

Kolbe adds Majesta windows to BIM libraries, offers a collection of 1,000+ 3-D models and free webinars

As one of the highest-rated providers of 3-D window models, Kolbe added its new Majesta oversized, double hung, wood windows to its growing collection of more than 1,000 two- and three-dimensional window and door models. Along with these models and its Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, Kolbe provides design professionals with free webinars on effectively using its Revit® and Google™ SketchUp models to expedite architectural project details.

Kolbe’s easy-to-use models can be managed and manipulated to link with external data sources allowing users to instantly compile quantity takeoffs. The company continues to earn positive responses for helping address BIM needs.

“I use Kolbe’s models as an office standard, anywhere it’s applicable,” says E. Jedd Crowder, project manager and Revit specialist at River Street Architecture in Chattanooga, Tenn. “I’ve fought with trying to create custom window and door models, so I appreciate the things that no one sees. I like how Kolbe approached its family creation from the BIM perspective, how it uses parameter tabling, and the way it covers exterior trim and other options with minor modifications.”

The new models for Majesta double hung, wood windows are located in:
Kolbe’s Web site
Google™ 3D Warehouse

Majesta’s made-to-order units are available in sizes as large as 6×12-feet with high-performance glass, as well as a selection of hardware, colors and finishes. Whether used in new construction or renovation, Majesta windows suit hotels, historic properties, converted warehouses and other commercial and mixed-use spaces.

Kolbe’s Majesta windows can be specified as all-wood or as low-maintenance aluminum-clad windows. Optional wood species include those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which can be coupled with energy-efficient glass choices to support ENERGY STAR®, Green Globes™, and LEED® Rating System™.

“The performance, detail and options that Kolbe has to offer architects and their customers is best represented visually,” says Cindy Bremer, Kolbe’s director of marketing. “Our most recent webinar participants have shared this perspective and told us that BIM and 3-D models help them more easily communicate the features and benefits to both contractors and homeowners.”

To learn about upcoming webinars or to request personalized assistance with Kolbe’s BIM tools and 3-D models, please e-mail Laura Smith, Kolbe’s architectural CAD coordinator at architects@kolbe-kolbe.com.

High-resolution photos and a Word document of the full news release are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

Kolbe will be exhibiting at AIA Expo2010 in booth #1803

04.14.10 Client News

Green Builder VISION House Aspen showcases Kolbe windows
Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly windows

The Green Builder® VISION House Aspen celebrated its grand opening with educational events and tours on March 25-26, 2010. Sited near Aspen, Colo., VISION House is the latest in a sequence of show-home projects that demonstrate resource efficiency, durability and cost effectiveness through environmentally responsible design and construction practices.


The home will be rated for four different guidelines: LEED® for Homes, Built Green Colorado, Aspen and Pitkin County’s building departments’ Green Building Initiatives Program, and the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Green Building Program. To meet these guidelines and accomplish its intended goals, VISION House Aspen employs a multitude of technologies, system and products including Kolbe’s Ultra Series premium, aluminum-clad windows.

Kolbe’s windows capitalize on both style and performance in highlighting the lot’s 360-degree panoramic views of Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain and the Upper Roaring Fork Valley. The area has a rich history steeped in mining and is now a leading international mountain resort that attracts a wide variety of visitors from around the globe.

“VISION House Aspen is an exercise in the possibilities,” says Ron Jones, editorial director of Green Builder Magazine. Having researched the products featured in VISION House Aspen, he notes, “The combination of Kolbe’s quality, features and options, made it a unanimous choice for the project’s decision makers.”

“We looked at a lot of different window manufacturers. Our design team was determined to use the highest quality windows available to give the project a clean, ‘Modern Mountain’ look,” says J. Stace McGee, partner with Environmental Dynamics, Inc. (EDI) of Albuquerque, N.M. “When we saw Kolbe’s nice, square, clean aesthetics, we knew that was it. It not only gave us the look we wanted, it also met the budget needs and the ENERGY STAR standard.”

McGee, together with his EDI colleague Kenny Myers, were the home’s primary designers. McGee also is a LEED Accredited Professional (AP), LEED AP+Homes, and a Green Rater. He adds that Kolbe’s windows “also contributed to our LEED for Homes score” on the 6,750-square-foot, two-level property. “To create a sustainable example in the luxury market is a difficult endeavor. VISION House is successful in showing it’s possible to achieve this.”

“While many view large upscale homes as the antithesis of green or sustainable, I



believe that regardless of whether a building or development is commercial, industrial or residential, high- or low-costing, everything we build today should be done with a sustainable approach,” emphasizes VISION House builder, Gerry Hazelbaker of Paradigm Construction Corp. in Basalt, Colo.

Matching a full range of sizes and styles, Kolbe’s Ultra Series offers options to address energy-efficient requirements, enabling the products to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. Helping lower energy consumption and costs, the windows reflect unwanted solar heat in the summer and retain desired heat during cooler months. Compared with traditional, residential construction, VISION House is estimated to reduce energy use by 50 percent.

In addition to glass options and energy performance, Kolbe’s products are offered in a broad palette of finishes and interior wood species, and other accessories to coordinate with nearly any décor. For VISION House Aspen, Kolbe’s Ultra Series windows are constructed of alder, which is widely recognized as a sustainable species. The windows’ exterior cladding is composed of recycled aluminum and finished with a durable anodize, and accented with a custom, flat profile, Performance Divided Lites (PDLs).

Jones continues, “Kolbe’s windows are manufactured using – recycled materials. They’re made with high-quality seals and hardware, which not only improve performance, but also are essential to meet client expectations in a home of this caliber.”

“It’s an honor to be involved with the VISION House program,” says Cindy Bremer, Kolbe’s director of marketing. “We have a commitment to producing energy-efficient products using environmentally friendly processes and suppliers, so our participation in a project that promotes sustainability is a natural fit.”

“Sustainability in window performance is an important design consideration. Kolbe’s use of the highest quality, American-made materials contributes to these goals in many ways,” says Royal Laybourn of Colorado’s Roaring Fork Building Specialties. “In addition to higher performance levels, better materials also contribute to a longer service life and lower lifetime maintenance. Combine sustainability with high style and you have the complete package.”

Jones agrees, “The careful articulation and execution of the intent of the project, when combined with the performance data we will mine from the operation of this exquisite residence, will provide invaluable insight into the challenges and potential solutions for the luxury resort market. It further demonstrates the simple truth that sustainability requires teamwork above all else.”

McGee also agrees, “This project has all the typical bells and whistles of a luxury home.” He says VISION House Aspen features “glamorously green finishes throughout the house,” while being “over 50 percent more efficient than the 2006 IECC [International Energy Conservation Code].”

The blower door test conducted in March showed 0.23 air changes per hour, which McGee reports “are the best results ever in the Roaring Fork Valley area.” He adds, “I am very confident we’ll get a LEED-Gold rating.”



Furthermore, McGee says, compared to the base case index, VISION House Aspen should achieve:
47 percent reduction in carbon dioxide, saving 43.8 tons per year
40 percent reduction in sulfur dioxide, saving 70.1 pounds per year
46 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides, saving 124.8 pounds per year
35 percent reduction in domestic water use

High-resolution photos and a Word document of the full news release are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

Kolbe will be exhibiting at AIA Expo2010 in booth #1803.

02.09.10 Client News

Kolbe introduces Majesta custom, oversized, double hung windows

Kolbe presents its new, Majesta windows in response to customers’ desires for very large, beautifully designed, double hung, wood windows. These made-to-order units will be available in sizes as large as 6×12-feet with high-performance glass, as well as a selection of hardware, colors and finishes.

“Whether used in new construction or remodel/replacement, the Majesta double hung is the perfect choice for hotels, historic properties, converted warehouses and other commercial and mixed-use spaces,” says Cindy Bremer, Kolbe’s director of marketing.

Kolbe's Majesta windows

Kolbe's Majesta windows

All Majesta double hung units are custom-made and the balances are matched to the size and weight of the sash. Stile and rail dimensions are proportional in size. Enhancing the traditional look, several types of divided lites are available, as are matching single hungs, radius and cottage style units.

A new, innovative lock complements Majesta’s hardware choices in brass, rustic umber and brushed nickel. The hardware, as standard, is installed at the center of the top rail of the top sash and center of the bottom rail on the bottom sash. This puts the bottom sash hardware within easy reach. The bottom sash features either a turn knob or a custodial lock.

Pine is the standard wood species. A wide range of optional wood species is available including those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC-certified options can be coupled with energy-efficient glass choices, including triple glazed, to further support environmentally sensitive projects such as those pursuing recognition by ENERGY STAR®, Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes™, and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating System™.

Contributing to energy-efficiency, the Majesta window offers a double row of heavy-duty weatherstripping around all sides of the sash, plus a triple-glazed glass option. The windows feature numerous other options with exterior brickmould, casings and sill nosing. Kolbe’s Majesta double hung windows can be specified as all-wood with durable K-KRON finish or as low-maintenance aluminum-clad windows. The extruded aluminum can be painted in a broad palette of colors, or finished in durable anodize with up to a 30-year warranty to meet AAMA 2605-05 specifications.

High-resolution photos and a Word document of the full news release are available in Kolbe’s online press room.