06.17.10 Client News

Steve Seeling joins Tubelite as client development manager

Tubelite Inc. has hired Steve Seeling, CDT, as a client development manager representing the company’s architectural aluminum products. In this role, he assists commercial building teams in Nebraska, Kansas, western Missouri and Arkansas.

Seeling draws from three decades of experience in helping owners, designers and installers select windows, entrances, storefronts and curtainwall systems. Most recently, he worked at Traco as an architectural sales representative with a similar territory. Throughout his career, he has contributed to dozens of educational health care, hospitality and historically-significant projects in the region, including facilities at the University of Kansas, University of Missouri, and the University of Nebraska.

In addition to his new position with Tubelite, he also serves as an architectural sales representative for Wausau Window and Wall Systems. “Tubelite and Wausau’s products complement each other to offer customers a full range of performance choices for their building envelope,” says Seeling. “Working exclusively with these two companies, I’ll specialize in premium fenestration products; ones that add value through energy efficiency, distinguished style and dependability. When customers understand their options, they can make better-informed decisions to ensure the correct product for their application.”

As an example, Seeling notes that Tubelite and Wausau’s products contribute to customers’ green goals such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating System™. All of Tubelite’s storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight control systems are manufactured using EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally-friendly finishes. Many products also are available with high thermal performance to support buildings’ energy-efficient operations. “Along with the right products, Tubelite and Wausau provide educational programs to help architects increase their knowledge of the total, integrated façade,” says Seeling.

A graduate of Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo., Seeling earned a bachelor’s degree in economics. He continues his professional development with industry associations such as Construction Specifications Institute, through which he successfully completed the Construction Documents Technology (CDT) program.


06.14.10 Client News

“Print With Purpose” shares compelling statistics on the result-generating power of creative, printed communications

Print With Purpose” defines the role of print in the rapidly-evolving marketing landscape and demonstrates its positive impact on the bottom line. This resource from Appleton Coated is designed to provide insight and inspiration to decision-makers involved in

"Timeless. Important. Engaging."

choosing print, and to all who play a role in its creation and execution. Powerful statistics and supporting commentary explain how printed communication drives action and delivers results.

Appleton Coated compiled this data-rich content based on discussions with direct marketing professionals, industry thought-leaders and the most current industry research. “We’ve found print’s role in the marketing mix is as vital as ever,” says Phil Cavalier, vice president of marketing at Appleton Coated.

She continues, “Print’s engaging, tactile, and interactive qualities create a personal connection, and through this emotional association, brands are built. It is portable and influential. It’s the preferred format for senior executives for gaining insightful, informative analysis. Across all audiences, print ignites action online, sparks interest and trial, and leads to sales, response and loyalty.”

Print With Purpose

“Print With Purpose” succinctly describes these traits, backs up the observations with facts and figures, and presents the information in a stop-you-in-your-tracks visual package. To further assist the reader, “Print With Purpose” contains a checklist on strategy and execution for purposefully printed communication.

Designed by The Thorburn Group in Minneapolis, it features images by Minnesota-based photographer Ben McKean and photo stylist Maureen Burns. The Hennegan Company of Florence, Ky., printed the piece using Appleton Coated’s extra bright U1X:Green cover and text papers. The techniques described in the page-by-page production notes in “Print With Purpose” detail how the richly saturated photos and the bold solids maximized each finish in the U1X:Green family.

U1X:Green is part of the Utopia family of coated printing papers. A Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified product, it is manufactured with 20% post-consumer recovered fiber and with Green Power, electricity in the form of renewable energy. Available in gloss, silk, and matte finishes and up to 120 lb. cover, U1X:Green may be specified in traditional folio or digital sizes and web applications. The Utopia Express Custom Size Sheet Program allows U1X:Green customers to save time, money, and resources with ‘two-days to ship’ service on custom-size sheets.

To request a copy of “Print With Purpose,” please visit AppletonCoated.com. Watch for additional information from Appleton Coated on how purposeful, creative print delivers a positive Return on Investment.

06.12.10 Client News

Kolbe participates in the DOE’s Volume Purchase Program, promotes energy-efficient R-5 windows

Kolbe is an inaugural participant of the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Volume Purchase Program (VPP) promoting energy-efficient R-5 windows. Windows with an R-5 value (or a U-factor of 0.2) represent the industry’s top tier of energy-efficient windows. The VPP allows window companies that have qualifying products to promote products through the designated website.

Builders visiting the DOE’s VPP website may select a size range with its associated cost range. After the size is chosen, a list of links to qualified manufacturers will appear. At this time, when users may click on Kolbe and the link will take them to the Kolbe website’s “where to buy” section. Entering a zip code enables visitors to receive contact information for distributors in their region.

The Kolbe Windquest® EP Series are among the products available on the DOE’s VPP website. These low-maintenance, long-lasting casement and studio windows exceed 2010 ENERGY STAR® criteria for all U.S. climate zones. A 1-1/4-inch, triple-glazed system helps these products achieve the required energy performance ratings needed to be part of the VPP.

A full news release and other information are available in Kolbe’s online press room.

06.10.10 Client News

Tubelite adds Mike Efeney as architectural sales representative in North Texas

Mike Efeney joins Tubelite Inc. representing the company’s architectural aluminum products in northern Texas and Oklahoma.

Located near Dallas in Rockwall, Texas, Efeney shares educational and technical information on Tubelite’s contribution to green goals such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Rating System™. Among green buildings’ goals are energy-efficiency and recycled materials.

All of Tubelite’s storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight control systems are manufactured using EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally-friendly finishes. Tubelite’s EcoLuminum contains a minimum of 80% reclaimed aluminum.

Efeney is well-versed in LEED criteria and other green building guidelines. Most recently, he worked as a sales manager with Armstrong World Industries, Inc.’s Ceilings – Architectural Specialties. While there, he was responsible for high-end wood and metal products, as well as coordination for nine local representatives serving Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Drawing from nearly 20 years of experience in architectural product sales, the majority of Efeney’s career has been in the glass and glazing industry. After graduating from the University of North Texas, he began working with U.S. Aluminum. He quickly moved from assisting with the customer installation program into territorial sales serving Georgia.

From there, he accepted a position with Vistawall as territory sales manager for North Texas and western Oklahoma. He continued to grow sales and develop strong customer relationships, leading to his eventual role as district sales manager with responsibilities for four local sales representatives, major projects in the southern states, and architectural consultations.

Efeney, his employers and their clients have contributed to such notable projects as the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, American Airlines Center in Dallas, Love Field Airport renovation in Dallas, Tulsa Convention Center in Oklahoma and the renovation of Oklahoma City’ Will Rogers World Airport.

Throughout Efeney’s professional path, he has been an active member of the Texas Glass Association and the Construction Specifications Institute. Also a husband, father and avid cyclist, he enjoys sharing his passion for sports and the outdoors with this family.

06.09.10 Client News

The new Utopia Swatchbook showcases all six Utopia lines by grade level and environmental attributes
New design helps customers choose the “perfect pairing” of paper and project

Appleton Coated’s new Utopia Swatchbook organizes its six distinctive lines of paper by grade level and environmental attributes — all under the theme of “the perfect pairing.” With the cover featuring a bee and daisy, the inside imagery reflects other traditional “pairings.” The six Utopia product lines reflect their personalities, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, and various shades of “green.” Options range from certified, virgin fiber products to certified fiber products manufactured with up to 30% post-consumer fiber (PCW). All of Appleton Coated’s Utopia products are either offered with Green Power as standard or with the ability to add it to the order.

Within the new swatch, a comprehensive “Print Demo” presents selections to help creative professionals, corporate specifiers, and printers select the best paper option and techniques for smart, sustainable print projects. A mini environmental tutorial also answers questions about green design goals, such as how to properly credit the paper’s environmental benefits and savings. Online, the “Utopia Green Zone,” offers an easy, interactive format to compare up to four product choices and calculate the environmental savings.

The Utopia Swatchbook contains samples of every basis weight, shade and finish, and stocking information for each paper option:

* Utopia Premium in Gloss, Silk and Ivory Silk — This triple-coated, super-smooth sheet optimizes the printing surface for heavy ink coverage. Utopia Premium is an FSC-certified, virgin fiber product.

* Utopia One (U1) in Gloss, Dull and Matte — This soft blue-white shade with high paper gloss and surface smoothness provides a clean, neutral backdrop that is ideal for flesh tones and warm color palettes. U1 is a visual shade match to Utopia Premium, for convenient pairing. This FSC-certified paper contains a minimum of 10% PCW.

* U1X:Green in Gloss, Silk, and Matte — The extra-bright, extra-blue shade maximizes the contrast between printed and non-printed areas to make images seem to pop off the page. U1X:Green is FSC-certified, manufactured with Green Power, and contains a minimum of 20% PCW.

* Utopia Two (U2) in Gloss, Dull, and Matte — Offering excellent value in a clean, blue-white shade, U2 takes projects from cut-size to super-size sheets, and to high-quantity web runs. Both web and sheets contain a minimum of 10% PCW. U2 sheets are FSC-certified.

* U2:XG in Gloss, Dull, Matte, and Ivory Matte — FSC-certified, this “extra” environmentally-sensitive sheet contains 30% PCW and is manufactured with Green Power. The pleasing blue-white shade of U2:XG easily mixes and matches with standard U2 to meet the diverse needs of a multi-project campaign.

* Utopia Three (U3) in Matte — The softly-textured sheet is a popular choice for budget-conscious, high-volume, and direct mail applications. An FSC-certified, virgin fiber product, U3 can be specified with up to 30% PCW.

Designed by The Thorburn Group of Minneapolis, the new Utopia Swatchbook includes lushly detailed, colorful images by photographer Ben McKean. To request the new Utopia Swatchbook, please visit UtopiaPaper.com and click on “Order Samples.”


06.08.10 Association News

AAMA Announces Five Scholarship Award Winners

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) celebrates 10 years of furthering the careers and educations of students pursuing a degree related to the building products industry by awarding five scholarships to children of employees of AAMA member companies. This is the ninth consecutive year that these scholarships have been awarded. The scholarship award winners were announced at the 2010 AAMA National Summer Conference, held June 6-9 in Oak Brook (Chicago), Ill.

“We’re proud to recognize many accomplished students each year who have worked hard to achieve their educational goals in pursuit of a career in architecture, engineering and related fields,” stated Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. “There is great value in supporting these students at a formative time in their education so that they can later make important contributions through their work in the building products industry.”

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the program, past winners were recognized during the association’s National Summer Conference. Past scholarship winners are now working in a variety of fields including construction management, architecture, medicine and engineering.

The AAMA Scholarship Program offers families of employees of AAMA member companies the opportunity to obtain financial aid for higher education in pursuit of a degree in an engineering or technical field relating to the building products industry. The scholarship is a one-time award of $2,000. Applicants are judged on grade point average, college entrance exam scores, and a 500-word essay. Eligible candidates must be high school seniors or college students, who are children of employees of AAMA member companies in good standing.

In addition to these national awards, AAMA member companies have the opportunity to participate in the Scholarship Partner Program in conjunction with the AAMA Scholarship Program to provide a scholarship opportunity for children of their own employees.

For more information on AAMA Scholarship Programs, contact Evy Lipecka, AAMA membership coordinator.

A full news release announcing all of the 2010 scholarship recipients is available online at AAMA’s online news room.

06.08.10 Client News

Auraria Science Building blends beauty, technology to achieve LEED-Gold

Science and beauty don’t often intersect, but when they do, the results can be stunning, or joyous, or artful: all of which have been used to describe the recently opened Auraria Science Building. Contributing to the structure’s praise-worthy façade design, glazing contractor J.R. Butler and Wausau Window and Wall Systems supported the building’s energy-efficient performance and Gold-level requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Rating System™.

J.R. Butler - Alpine Light Pictures Inc.

J.R. Butler - Alpine Light Pictures Inc.

The newest addition to Denver’s Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC), the $120 million Auraria Science Building opened in September 2009 as a premiere teaching facility for students from the Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver and the University of Colorado Denver. The existing Science Building was built in the early 1970s and is being renovated for an anticipated re-opening this autumn. Since the ’70s when the original science building opened, the Auraria Campus has grown 250%. The renovated structure will be united with the newly-constructed building to accommodate students in all three institutions and multiple programs.

Positioned at the campus’ main entrance, the east side of the new, four-story, 197,000-square-foot Science Building faces one of the busiest roads leading in and out of downtown Denver. Rather than shut the public out, the building’s floor-to-ceiling windows invite passers-by to peek inside. The views provided by the glass façade are intentional. In addition to serving as a highly rated educational facility, campus administrators also wanted the building to serve as a gateway, physically and visually connecting the Auraria campus to the greater Denver community.

In an interview with the Denver Post, the Science Building’s principal architect, David Pfeifer of AndersonMasonDale, said transparency was an important to the building’s design and function: “It is unmistakable that high-tech science education and research is occurring in the heart of the city.”

Views and light play an important part in setting the building’s transparent look and feel. From the east, those walking and driving by see into the building’s interior with walls painted in vivid shades of oranges, greens and blues. The building’s exposed vents, pipes and ductwork enhance its modern feel. Those inside the building enjoy abundant natural light, maximized by soffits that pull the interior walls away from the window system.

On the other sides of the building’s unique “7”-shaped design, the generous use of glass offer students and staff an unobstructed view of green spaces and other campus buildings. A shared lobby, hallways and other public access points connect the new building to the campus’ older, three-story science building.

Auraria - Sincere/Duncan Studios

Auraria - Sincere/Duncan Studios

Working with general contractor Haselden | Barton Malow, glazing contractor J.R. Butler selected Wausau as its supplier for the high-performance curtainwall and window systems. “Wausau was able to provide a complete package with its SuperWall for the new building and storefront and ribbon wall for the renovation project. The new construction portion used approximately 45,000 square feet of Wausau’s systems and Viracon’s glass,” says Marc Butler, president of J.R. Butler.  “We also used Lean manufacturing and scheduling, which turned out to be an important aspect in meeting the general contractor’s schedule.”

He explains, “Material management and installation requires careful coordination, especially when working in the field during the dead of winter. We rely on a just-in-time delivery to keep pace with the quick construction schedules. When schedules change, it can be difficult to make adjustments.”

J.R. Butler - Alpine Light Pictures Inc.

J.R. Butler - Alpine Light Pictures Inc.

Working with the Lean principals and tools, with which both Wausau and Viracon are familiar, J.R. Butler was able to shift its attention from the building’s south elevation to the north elevation. “This meant that we could close-in the building’s northwest exposure, protecting it from the majority of winter storms. The general contractor was thrilled that we could accommodate their request and stick to the same, overall timeframe.”

Kevin Robbins, Wausau’s regional sales manager, was confident that Wausau’s products could exceed the project’s rigorous specifications, as well as meet J.R. Butler’s fast-paced schedule. “Thanks to the efficiencies of our Advantage by Wausau offering, we were able to provide the SuperWall system in just three weeks,” says Robbins. “In the past, a system like this could easily take eight to 10 weeks. Cutting the lead-time that dramatically opens up all kinds of opportunities. For Butler, this allowed their glazing team to unitize the system in their shop and quickly install the pre-assembled units on site.”

In addition to meeting the project’s construction timeline and aesthetic needs, Wausau’s SuperWall system’s high-performance glazing and thermal barrier framing systems contribute toward energy efficiency. Wausau’s 7250 Series system was specified with Viracon‘s VNE 1-63, neutral low-e glass “Given the project’s green goals, this was an important factor in the Science Building’s material selection,” notes Robbins.

The insulating, thermal barrier system was applied by Linetec, as was the aluminum framing’s finish. “The architect choose a custom, Extra Dark Bronze anodize, which is a hard finish to match,” says Butler. “Because Linetec finished all of the SuperWall, storefront and ribbon wall systems, we knew that we’d have a consistent look from one framing member to the next, and across both the new and renovated buildings.”

Linetec’s eco-friendly anodize also contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Using low-VOC paints and materials, assisted in achieving the LEED criteria. Some of Auraria Science Building’s other LEED credit-worthy, features include:
* Manufacturing materials regionally, 20% of which were produced within 500 miles
* Diverting 75% of construction waste from landfills
* Maintaining good air-quality measures during construction
* Installing energy-saving, occupancy sensors for interior lighting

Technology is found throughout the building, which houses everything from a cadaver lab and research spaces to a student lounge and coffee bar. The Science Building’s lab rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art classroom technology including laptop projectors and lectern cabinets with cameras, built-in laptop connections, Internet ports and other features.

Download a PDF of the full success story by clicking here.

Wausau will be exhibiting at AIA Expo2010 in booth #2553.