05.20.10 Client News

Fashion forecaster guides new colors for Curious Collection’s Translucents and Metallics
100% PCW content available for Metallics’ four, most-popular sheets
Green Power now a standard feature for Metallics & Translucents

New Curious Collection Metallics and Translucents colors were developed in consultation with Li Edelkoort of Studio Edelkoort in New York and Paris. Eleven new, fashion-forward colors were added to Curious Metallics and seven colors were added to Curious Translucents. Beyond these expanded color choices, four of the most-popular Metallics sheets now are available in 100 percent post-consumer recovered fiber (PCW) content. Also newly announced is Green Power as a standard feature for the Metallics and Translucents lines (renewable energy in the form of wind, hydro, and biogas).

Curious Metallics‘ new, fashion-inspired colors include:

Curious Metallics

Curious Metallics

* Super Gold – a shimmery, saturated gold
* Mandarin – a beautifully subtle orange
* Cognac – a warm, medium brown
* Olive and Lime – two shades of green for a fresh, environmental flavor
* Red Lacquer – the current “lipstick red”
* Chocolate and Shadow – the new “blacks”
* Ink and Blueprint – two hues of nautical and classic blues
* Violette – a current take on plum and purple

From the new total of 23 colors featured in Curious Metallics, four are offered with 100 percent PCW:
* Ice Gold Recycled
* Ice Silver Recycled
* Gold Leaf Recycled
These products are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and available in both 80-pound text and 111-pound cover weights.

Curious Translucents‘ eye-catching additions include:

Curious Translucents

* Spring – a sure-to-be-popular, bright green shade
* Flame – the warm side of red
* Red Lacquer – the cool side of red
* Steel – a “renaissance-rich” blue
* Blueprint – a saturated, violet-blue
* Chocolate & Shadow – for perfect pairing with the new Metallics
These seven, new colors join the nine, existing colors to bring the total offering to 16.

The new items in Curious Collection are FSC-certified and available in convenient, smaller sheet count packages. To learn more, please visit the recently launched www.curiouspapers.com.

The Curious Collection of fine papers are manufactured by Arjowiggins, headquartered in Paris, France, and distributed exclusively in North America by Appleton Coated. Appleton Coated is headquartered in Kimberly, Wisconsin.



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