05.29.10 So Called Social Media: Demographics

Social media and networks are not just for kids. Yes, in the U.S. 27% of people using social networks are under the age of 24.
But, there are more people who are 25+ on social networks and they are using them to make connections and business decisions.

The average social network user is 37-years-old.
The average ages of users of four, popular social media platforms used by businesses include:
Facebook     38.4
Twitter          39.1
LinkedIn       44.3
YouTube      37.8

Here are some other demographics, and sources, that may be of interest:

Make-Up of Adult Internet Population by Generation (U.S.)
Percentage of Total
30%     Gen Y, ages 18-32
23%     Gen X, ages 33-44
22%     Younger Boomers, ages 45-54
13%     Older Boomers, ages 55-63
7%       Silent Generation, ages 64-72
4%       G.I. Generation, ages 73+
Source:  Pew Internet & American Life Project, from 1650 Internet users, Dec. 2008

In the U.S., 221 million people are online, about 71% of the total population.
Source:  eMarketer, Feb. 2010

Across the globe in 2009, two-thirds of the world’s Internet population visit social networking or blogging sites, accounting for almost 10% of all internet time.
Source:  Nielsen, “Global Faces and Networked Places,” March 2009 (PDF)

Average Age of Distribution Across Social Network Sites (U.S.)
Percentage of Total
15%     0-17
9%      18-24
18%     25-34
25%     35-44
19%     45-54
10%     55-64
3%       65+
Source:  Pingdom.com, Feb. 2010


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