04.12.10 Association News

Plumbing Manufacturers Institute Hosts Spring Meeting

The Plumbing Manufacturers Institute (PMI) hosted its Spring Meeting, March 14-17, 2010, at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA.

The theme for the Spring Meeting, “Expanding the Value,” is an appropriate one, according to Barbara C. Higgens, PMI’s executive director. “As times change and the plumbing industry changes, PMI is working to expand membership, influence, offerings, service and global reach.”

PMI again assembled a top-notch list of guest speakers and topics that both informed and entertained.

The first, full day of the meeting, Mon., March 15, opened with a keynote presentation by Brett Farmiloe and Zach Hubbell entitled “Pursue the Passion: What Our Generation Wants,” which spotlighted Generation Y and what they are looking for in their careers. Their presentation was followed by John Besmer of Planet Propaganda who spoke on branding PMI and its initiatives. The rest of the day consisted of PMI’s Issue, Standing and Product committees’ meetings that included a presentation by Ken Kosman of Habitat for Humanity, who accepted a donation from PMI in the amount of $500. The financial support followed PMI’s “physical” support as members volunteered at a local Habitat for Humanity jobsite just prior to the PMI conference.

The membership voted to accept the 2009 audit at the General Membership meeting. “PMI continues its solid financial track record,” noted Higgens.

The sessions on Tues., March 16, started with a presentation by Amir Tabakh of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, who spoke on the subjects of water and energy conservation. Dr. Bruce La Belle of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control examined California’s AB 1953 lead in plumbing reduction and green chemistry initiative.

The Industrial Environmental Association‘s executive director, Patti Krebs made a presentation on California’s Environmental Initiatives. Bryan Shirley of the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association spoke on the importance of manufacturers’ representatives in the business world.

In a special presentation, Jack Sim of the World Toilet Organization explained the dire state of sanitation in third world countries and what plumbing manufacturing organizations can do to help. Jeffrey Yoders of Building Construction and Design proved why he is referred to as “BIM Boy” by presenting the latest information on Building Information Modeling mandates. Dr. Donato Lozano of IAPMO R&T examined plumbing product certification in Mexico.

A plumbing industry profile also took place on Tues., March 16, to identify mutual goals and solidify partnerships. Representatives of various plumbing organizations engaged in a lively roundtable event addressing the issues that “keep them up at night” concerning the plumbing industry. The panel included Mike Adelizzi, American Supply Association; Peter Censky, Water Quality Association; Mary Ann Dickinson, Alliance for Water Efficiency; Gerry Kennedy, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors; John Koeller, Koeller & Associates; Steve Lehtonen, GreenPlumbers® USA; and Ralph Suppa, Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating.

College football coaching legend, Terry Bowden, was the Tuesday night dinner keynote speaker. He spoke about what it takes to create a winning team on the playing field and in the business world.

On Wed., March 17, PMI’s director of strategy and technology, David Hagopian, and PMI’s technical specialist, Charles Hernandez, presented “Focus: Future!” During this presentation, PMI members were challenged to think about what the future holds for PMI and the plumbing industry.

For more information about the PMI Spring Meeting, visit www.pmihome.org or call 847-481-5500. Please note that the 2010 Fall Meeting will take place October 3-6, 2010, at the Liaison Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Please see the full news release and high-resolution photos available at PMI’s online press room.


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