03.31.10 Association News

Open the Window to Safety this Spring
AAMA Encourages Education during National Window Safety Week, April 4-10

With the arrival of warmer weather, people will begin to open windows. However, open windows can be dangerous for young children who are not properly supervised. While the number of falls from windows is generally small compared with other recorded child injuries, a window incident can result in serious injury or even death. That is why National Window Safety Week, April 4-10, is a perfect time to review window safety in the home, according to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

The National Safety Council offers these tips to protect children from window falls:
* Avoid the placement of furniture near windows to prevent children from climbing.
* Do not rely on insect screens to prevent a window fall.
* Keep children’s play away from open windows and doors.
*  Install building code-compliant devices designed to limit how far a window will open or window guards with release mechanisms to help prevent a fall.
* Teach your child how to safety use a window to escape during an emergency.

The Window Safety Task Force works to heighten the awareness of what parents and caregivers should do to help keep their homes and families safer from the risks of accidental falls. Though Window Safety Week is an important annual reminder, window safety education should be ongoing, and should occur throughout the year. To help teach children about window safety, an activity book is available here, as well as additional information for parents and caregivers.

The Window Safety Task Force, formed in 1997 to promote greater awareness of window safety, is composed of members representing the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association and the Screen Manufacturers Association, in cooperation with the National Association of Home Builders and other organizations, as well as manufacturers of window, doors and screens. Each year, the task force distributes thousands of consumer information kits in cooperation with NSC.

A full news release is available online at AAMA’s online news room.


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