01.15.10 Client News

Tubelite introduces EcoLuminum recycled aluminum extrusions for all of its architectural products

Tubelite Inc. now manufactures all of its architectural, extruded aluminum products with EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally-friendly finishes. The company developed this industry-leading formulation to support customers’ green goals such as contributing to commercial building projects seeking LEED® Green Building Rating System™ certification.

To maximize the environmental benefits and energy-efficient attributes of EcoLuminum, Tubelite‘s storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight control systems are offered in a choice of eco-friendly finishes and a range of high thermal performances and condensation resistances.

“Our products’ superior performance helps building owners and occupants save energy and money, and our EcoLuminum, with its high recycled content and durable finishes reduce waste,” says Mary Olivier, Tubelite’s marketing manager. For example, she notes, “EcoLuminum’s recycled billet consumes 95 percent less energy to produce than that of standard, non-recycled billet. And, its eco-friendly anodized finish sends 90 percent less waste to landfills than traditional, caustic etch anodizing. Painted finishes are also applied and controlled in an environmentally effective manner.”

“We are proud to provide products and services that represent exceptional, energy-efficient solutions without compromising the environmental impact upon future generations,” adds Ken Werbowy, Tubelite’s president. “We actively participate in environmentally-focused associations such as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, Construction Specifications Institute, Daylighting Collaborative, Glass Association of North America, National Fenestration Rating Council, U.S. Green Building Council and others.”

He continues, “We selectively partner with suppliers that share this same passion and collaborate not only on developing and improving energy-efficient fenestration products, but also on creating and utilizing environmentally-responsible methods to produce these products. These methods help us in reducing our overall carbon footprint by dramatically lowering greenhouse gas, solid waste and water use.”

Toward these goals, Tubelite formulated EcoLuminum’s standard billet composition to contain a minimum of 80 percent reclaimed aluminum. This incorporates a post-consumer content average of 34 percent. Special requests for even higher recycled content can be provided, up to and including meeting specifications requiring 100 percent reclaimed aluminum.

Tubelite’s Therml=Block™ 300ES Curtainwall is the newest product manufactured using EcoLuminum. “The design of the system, which features a 1.5-inch thermal strut, results in superior energy-saving performance,” says Olivier. She adds, “The system’s efficient construction allows for different finishes to match both exterior and interior décor.”

The new Therml=Block 300ES Curtainwall joins the company’s other energy-savings products, which include the Therml=Block insulated door and the Max/Block™ daylight control sunshade system.

To learn more about Tubelite’s storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight control systems manufactured using the company’s new EcoLuminum finished aluminum materials, please visit www.tubeliteinc.com.



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