Client News 12/17/09

AAMA Monitors Government Proposal with High Expectations for Encouraging Energy-Efficient Products

Following President Obama’s speech detailing the need for nationwide energy-efficient home improvements, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has high expectations that a newly proposed government program will encourage consumers to invest in energy-efficient windows by applying appropriate criteria for these products.

On Dec. 15, President Obama spoke at an Alexandria, Va., Home Depot focusing on windows and insulation properties and encouraging homeowners and consumers to invest in energy-efficient building products in order to receive tax credits.

In light of the success of the existing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which refunds up to 30% of the cost of selected energy-efficient products up to $1500, President Obama discussed that Congress is being called upon to provide additional temporary incentives for Americans to make energy-efficiency retrofit investments in their homes.

“Moving forward, we see a need for additional tax incentives that are easily understandable and mutually beneficial to both manufacturers and consumers,” says Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. “Making energy-efficient retrofits and home improvements more affordable will encourage consumers to invest in changes that can help save money by cutting energy costs in the home.”

Walker continues, “The legislation could boost sales for AAMA members if the appropriate parameters and homeowner incentives are established along with considerations for regional differences. Encouraging the purchase and usage of energy-efficient products also helps promote growth and rebound within the building industry and the economy as a whole. As the President said during his speech, ‘energy efficiency is a perfect example of…a win-win.'”

The proposed program would not only apply to purchases of energy-efficient windows, but also investments in improvements such as caulking air leaks, adding insulation and installing more efficient heating and cooling equipment in the home.

A full news release is available online at AAMA’s online news room.


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