Client News 12/02/09

AAMA Alerts Manufacturers to December Deadline for DOE R-5 Window Volume Purchase Program Proposals

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is reminding window manufacturers to submit their proposals regarding the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Highly Insulating (R-5) Window and Low-e Storm Window Volume Purchase Program.

The comment period for this program ended on Nov. 13, 2009. The DOE will issue a solicitation for manufacturers’ proposals on Dec. 18, 2009. Manufacturers will have up to 60 days to respond with qualifying products. Following the 60-day response period, manufacturers with accepted products may be allowed to add more of their qualifying products. In 2011, a solicitation for additional manufacturers might be issued. Questions about the program may be sent to Terry Mapes with DOE partner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, at To review the latest draft of specifications that define the minimum requirements for successful participation in the program, please visit

The R-5 Window Volume Purchase Program is intended to serve as a catalyst to ramp up market demand for higher performing, energy-efficient windows and includes Low-e storm windows. “The DOE’s window volume purchase program for R-5 and Low-e storm windows provides window manufacturers with an attractive incentive to produce these highly-insulated products,” said Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. “The majority of window manufacturers should consider submitting a proposal to be part of the program.”

Windows with an R-5 value (or a U-factor of 0.2) represent the top tier of energy-efficient windows for cooling and heating dominated climates, as well as for mixed climates, available today.

A full news release is available online at AAMA’s online news room.


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