Client News 10/7/09

Seasonal Window Safety
Tips for staying safer around windows this autumn

As the hot summer months have given way to the cooler autumn weather, many homeowners have opened windows to provide ventilation with the crisp autumn air. However, they should also remain aware of the safety concerns associated with falls that can occur from windows. It is imperative to emphasize the importance of window safety, as falls are a leading cause of injury and death among young children, yet these falls can be prevented.

The Window Safety Task Force recommends that furniture not be placed near windows to prevent children from climbing. Parents and caregivers should also enforce rules to prevent children from playing or climbing near windows or patio doors. Also recommended is the installation in the home of window guards with release mechanisms to prevent falls.

Through the installation of proper hardware and planning, but also by remaining vigilant and aware of a child’s location and proximity to windows and other safety hazards, parents and caregivers can ensure safety in the home.

To help teach children window safety, an activity book is available on the task force’s site, as well as additional information for parents and caregivers. For more information, log on to and search for “window+safety.”

A full news releases is available online at AAMA’s online news room.


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