Client News 9/4/09

“Utopia Green Zone” section of Appleton Coated’s Web site helps print pros evaluate their green printing options

Print professionals seeking resources to help them create more environmentally friendly printed materials have a new, on-demand, online resource: Appleton Coated’s “Utopia Green Zone” Web site An interactive, environmental savings calculator also allows visitors to estimate and compare their project’s green impact based on their paper choices.

Utopia Green Zone

Utopia Green Zone

In particular, print professionals will want to explore the “Print Green” section, which addresses various considerations print buyers contemplate in selecting their environmentally responsible printing options. It features an essential checklist of green printing tips with suggestions to:
* Ask questions about existing or proposed printed pieces — such as size, format and page count — to save paper without sacrificing the marketing message.
* Repurpose printed pieces for multiple uses, with advanced planning.
* Order recycled-content paper, as well as custom paper sizes, to reduce waste.
* Avoid excessive “travel” in the printed piece by reducing the distances among paper mill, printer, bindery and mailing house.

The “Utopia Green Zone” landing page links to a section labeled “Being Green.” This presents general knowledge and resources on green paper choices including a sustainability spectrum to help determine where an organization or individual currently stands on environmental responsibility. It advises on how to decipher environmental logos, and how to create credit lines that communicate chain of custody certifications and use of post-consumer fiber or green power.

Within the “Utopia Green Zone,” the “Sharing Green” section reveals techniques for printers to develop and share their own green printing stories. Exemplifying successful, green storytelling, visitors can read tales from Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Grand Valley State University, Scholastic, Quality Bicycle Products, Roger Williams University and Subaru of Indiana.

To read a full announcement for “Utopia Green Zone” please visit Appleton Utopia’s corporate news section.


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