Client News 8/14/09

Kolbe offers Magnum Series tilt-turn wood windows

Functional and elegant, Kolbe’s Magnum Series tilt-turn wood window combines European styling and American practicality. Unique hardware allows the tilt-turn sash to both function like an inswing casement window, and tilt in from the top like a hopper window providing additional, natural ventilation. Energy-efficient, LoE²-270 glass units are standard on the Magnum Series tilt-turn window. A variety of glass options are available to match performance and design preferences. Choices include tempered glass, laminated glass, impact glass, and decorative, patterned or obscure glass.

Resembling the look of historic wood windows, Kolbe offers divided lites in standard and custom design patterns, as well as a wide selection of exterior wood trims. All handles and coordinating hardware are available in brass, antique brass, white and bronze-colored finishes.

Kolbe's Magnum Series tilt-turn wood windows

Kolbe's Magnum Series tilt-turn wood windows

For a bold, personalized expression, the exterior of tilt-turn windows can be finished in a high-performance paint available in more than 30 colors, as well as custom colors. Interior stain choices range from light to dark to match with nearly any décor. The stains complement the wide variety of wood species, including those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Combining FSC-certified options with energy-efficient glass choices further supports environmentally sensitive projects pursuing recognition by ENERGY STAR®, Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes™, National Association of Home Builders’ Model Green Home Building Guidelines, and the LEED® Rating System for Homes™.

High-resolution image and full press release available for download at Kolbe’s online media room.


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