Client News 8/10/09

Anchor Block Company’s Bravissi™ Sculpted Masonry Veneer products

Anchor Block Company’s Bravissi™ Sculpted Masonry Veneer products

Anchor’s Bravissi Sculpted Masonry Veneer product mimics real stone look, without the cost

Professional contractors, engineers, designers and architects seeking a cost-effective way to build with the beautiful look of natural stone are turning to Anchor Block Company’s Bravissi™ Sculpted Masonry Veneer products.

Designed as inspired by classic, hand-chiseled masonry, this highly realistic stone-look veneer suits buildings’ interior and exterior applications. “Bravissi veneers add warmth, character and personality to any structure,” says Mark Severson, sales manager. “Its traditional stone-look, versatility and affordability make these veneers a great option for budget-conscious projects, while presenting a distinctive, lasting impression.”

Offered in eight popular color choices, Bravissi Sculpted Masonry Veneer’s range of shapes, sizes and colors for nearly unlimited design and pattern options.

The products are sold direct or through Anchor Block authorized masonry distributors throughout the upper Midwest. For supplier information and product details, please visit

Anchor produces traditional concrete masonry blocks, retaining wall blocks, pavers and other masonry products, using more than 7,000 color, shape and texture combinations to add color, design and versatility to homes, businesses and public green spaces. With an in-house quality control laboratory, Anchor ensures its products are durable and consistent for projects that will stand the test of time.

Celebrating 100 years of leadership in the landscape and construction materials industry and in the Midwest, Anchor Block Company designs and manufactures concrete landscape and masonry materials. From the standard gray blocks of the early 1900s to the innovative, diverse line of products available today, the company has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of contractors, architects, homeowners, engineers and retailers. Anchor’s masonry and landscape products are sold in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

See for more information.


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