Client News 8/3/09

Wausau's S.E.A.L. windows

Wausau's S.E.A.L. windows

Wausau’s S.E.A.L. windows offer interior upgrades for Sound, Energy, Air and Light

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ “Sound, Energy, Air and Light” S.E.A.L. Series upgrades the acoustical and thermal performance of healthcare facilities’ existing window systems. Installation can be accomplished from inside the building, minimizing disruption to patients and staff, regardless of the season.

Part of the Advantage by Wausau offering, these standard windows are ideally suited to meet the accelerated pace of construction timelines for low- and mid-rise buildings such as hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Competitively priced, they are backed with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.

Product descriptions, architectural details, AutoCAD files, specifications and technical guides for Wausau’s S.E.A.L. windows — and for all of Wausau’s windows, doors, specialty glazing and cladding products, and curtainwall systems — can be found online at

Download a PDF of the entire product news release by clicking here.


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