Client News 7/6/09

Wausau announces Blast Hazard Mitigation window and curtainwall product series

Window and Wall Systems draws from 10 years of custom-designing blast hazard mitigation systems to offer its Blast Hazard Mitigation (BHM) Series of standard operable windows, fixed window wall and curtainwall products.

Both the 2250i-BHM factory-glazed windows and 8000-BHM unitized curtainwall systems are designed for compliance with GSA ISC Security Design Criteria and Department of Defense UFC 4-010-01 requirements. In addition, Wausau’s BHM SuperWall curtainwall product is available in several frame depths including cladding for steel tubes, which may be necessary to ensure structural performance in blast mitigating designs.

“As extreme pressures released by an explosive mass impinge on a building’s exterior walls, the elements of the window or curtainwall assembly work together, to withstand the blast load and dissipate its energy. Instead of the historical design practice of specifying thick windows with rigid frames, modern blast-mitigating assemblies are intended to be flexible, and absorb, rather than resist, blast energy,” explains Tom Mifflin, who serves as Wausau’s government/military market manager.

All of Wausau’s BHM Series products accept a variety of security glazing types and may be specified with a thermal barrier, recycled aluminum framing and a choice of more than 30,000 color finishes.

For a PDF of full press release, please click here.
For a downloadable brochure, please click here.


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