Client News 6/12/09

AAMA Releases New Voluntary Specification for Rating the Severe Wind-Driven Rain Resistance of Windows, Doors and Unit Skylights

The release of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 520-09 completes a 12-month review process led by the AAMA Southeast Region during which the document was evaluated and then shared with AAMA-accredited testing laboratories and other members to ensure that the specifications are clear and the test protocols yield repeatable results. This voluntary specification is based on a rapidly pulsed pressure differential method, recognizing that conditions encountered during tropical storms, hurricanes or severe thunder storms are not static. In addition, the procedures and equipment required to perform the specified tests are provided. The specification details the testing apparatus used; defines test specimens and installation and describes test methods utilized, as well as stating what information the test report should include.

Read the full announcement on AAMA’s online newsroom.


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